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Related article: Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2003 December 18 38 -0600 From: Tim Subject : Children Bachelorette 6 NOTE : This story is fictional and does not imply anything about the participants \\ \\ n "The Bachelorette" and ABC. By Brian H. , P. Brian, and Jeff has not existed since the bachelor pad, was sexy only four rivets : Ryan, Jamie, Charlie, and Greg T. Soon these guys we know that Aaron had not only planned to stay for a night or two, , but for the whole week! When the news emerged Aaron boys in no shirt your breakfast in the morning after the rose ceremony, were overjoyed. Charlie knew, however, is to come the worst of the the violence of the other four guys. " So guys, " began to Aaron, "What are you doing today," " Well, Aaron, I thought I could spend the day, they see in Los Angeles and some places. " Said Ryan. " Ryan, I have an even better idea. I have a little surprise for all. Get your bags for a trip overnight, and bring your swimsuit. satisfyme in the door in 30 minutes, "said Aaron below. ****************************** **************************************** as a large number now singles out the house was moved, the boys began to change rooms. the first bedroom was now home to Ryan, Jamie, Charlie, and Greg T. During his stay in the house, sleeping in Aaron the sofa bed in this space, often accompanied by one of his new sexy friends. Thirty minutes later they were all five of the single wooden poles in complete slid clothes and had a bag ready for the trip. As they walked through the front door home, Aaron said that his surprise. " Guys, let's go Las Vegas to meet some friends of mine ! ' S Aaron inform the group. some cheers and high fives, the boys got into the white stretch limo when presented to them in the driveway. As he climbed in the Aaron slammed into her ass guys, so Ryan is a small grip on the n Besides his love to beat. as we all sit in the limo on the wayLas Vegas, said Aaron them, he will also provide some entertainment drivetime word. as he This said, a small television screen appeared on the roof of the saloon and a russian preteens pissing movie hot porn began to play. All the boys now slipped to the back in the limo, where she was the blonde, tanned on the screen plowing the brunette in college -aged man in his bed. Aaron said. "Guys, please do what you want All I know is , I have a piece of each one of you, somehow, some way to get before n airport. " to start immediately any of the ' kids t-shirts, shot the other side of the saloon. colombian preteen boys When Aaron took preteen model bathing it off, Ryan slid is the closest to him and let his hands tightly above the body of Aaron, then meandered to its attractive, muscular thighs of Aaron. When he felt the time was right s, leaned over and kissed her soft lips whispered Aaron then deep until finally they were French kissing in front of all the boys. russian preteen upskirts
" Whoa guys," said Greg T. said, when he began to unbutton his pants, " save some for the rest of us! " When Ryan was quick to preteen model bathing see that Aaron wanted his ass at first, crouched \\ \\ n down his soccer shorts sliding, but realized that Jamie was behind him, to do just that for him. When Jamie Ryan slipped short of his company, ass hair, spread the cheeks of Ryan and began to sit on his lap, Rosa hole n. " Dude, you're screwed now, right? " Cried Jamie Ryan, taste of semen that was already in the ass. " Um... yes, Greg has me in the shower in the morning," said Ryan. This, apparently, Jamie did not mind because it keeps rimming sexy Ryan ass s, while kid nude preteen
Ryan Aaron began licking and sucking chest perfect nipples. Meanwhile, Charlie was on his knees in front of Greg T. licked the golf ball -sized balls and slowly move down to Greg's solid, a little hairy, ass tan. This Greg slid his legs a little better nude preteen sites what Charlie access. "Yeah, dude, that's all. Eat my hole! You know thatwant to studies... yes, you fucking eat man "was, Greg began to moan. " Greg, man, calm down! We do not want the driver knows what is going on ooohhhnnn "says Aaron started and ended moans as Ryan started sucking with cock tight white jockstrap he was wearing. So Ryan Aaron slid jockstrap and breathed deeply of the bag, while to free Aaron huge and perfectly cut studstick eleven inches. Ryan stood up as he could and reached into his pocket so that the lubricant had n carefully brought. began in the hard spots Aaron palpitating flesh and gave Aaron's ass with lube oil. Aaron started with the only tease tokyo preteens models Ryan hole with your index finger and finally moved a when he was three fingers to the bottom of the hole. as he moved finger slipped and hit his ass back down and Aaron Ryan super hard cock. SHIT DUDE "! " Cried Aaron. " You have to fucking tell me when finished ! I make sure I 'm likeit can be harder, so you do not break is the only major muscle I have! " With that said, Ryan began to cock Aaron to travel, sometimes moaning Aaron and told them what a tinny naked preteen fucking big it was. Meanwhile, in the across the room, Charlie was on all fours like bubble butt Greg Charlie beaten by his real preteens pussy
hard cock nine inches. Charlie moaned and groaned past now that Charlie Greg 's ass. that tells Charlie to turn around and sucks him. as Charlie to go to Greg, Jamie hit his ten inch cock hard for Charlie 's ass s well lubricated, which Charlie to growl like a stallion heat. This hard Charlie forced movement to the end of Greg lubricated cock n and n in his her pubic hair. " Mmm, that's a big ass, Charlie," said Jamie. " You really should get up if is used to " " Oh man, still sucking that studstick... yes, you'll index preteen love baby, " then Greg media - moaned, half spoke. " Get ready, because you will get a fuckin my big load of dough baby! " This Charlie lungconducted outside the throbbing cock and gave Greg a smooth movements. In its fourth or fifth career, Greg began to decline spasms y shot a huge bouquet of hot cum in the face of the right of Charlie. Greg Hahn kept sudden spurt jet after the bomb n Charlie 's face, a total of seventeen jets of hot cream of asparagus in the face by the end of time. On the other side of the room, Ryan and tinny naked preteen
Aaron had been sucking cock again, , and now was playing with her ​​nipples when she told Ryan to do. " Fuck Stud, Stud sucking cock, dass.. yeah, you know you want it. Wanted the mouth around the longest ! " Grunted Aaron. Then, forced mouth Ryan sandra preteen bbs out of his penis and stroked it until she started to cum, where new point n Ryan took everything in her mouth and started swallowing every jet juice Aaron warm. He must have swallowed at least a cup by the time it s been done. " This is the life of a single, boys," said Aaron, as the limousine slowed down. The boys quickly threw on their shirts, as APproached terminal. Just as he finished wiping the sweat from his short compress ny , the sedan came to a complete stop at the terminal. " kid nude preteen
Prepare for a tunnel weekend full of fun ass," Aaron said as he left the of the limousine in the hot sun... THE When Aaron came out of the limo, winked to the driver, knowing that s all that had happened was recorded for him to enjoy a later date with any future amount... Next: The guys from Las Vegas... and residents of the 28th Floor of the palms have few visitors...

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